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Learn how to install, configure and extend Respond.

Building your Site with Respond

Tutorial Description
Creating One or More Sites
See how you can quickly create multiple sites with Respond.
Using the Editor See how you can quickly use our one-of-a-kind editor to edit and arrange content.
Changing Background Images Learn how to quickly change background images to customize Respond themes.
Working with Components See how you can use components to re-use content across pages in your site.
Working with Menus See how you can use the menus UI to change menus throughout your site.
Working with Gallery Images The gallery enables you to quickly create groups of images and arrange them into slideshows or galleries.
Working with Forms Forms enable you to quickly create forms and add form fields to your application.
Editing Templates Learn how to change the header and footer of your site using templates.
Changing the Logo Learn how to change the logo of your site using templates.
Editing Page HTML Learn how to edit the HTML of your pages.
Setting up a Stripe Subscription Learn how to setup a subscription in Stripe.

Configuring Respond

Tutorial Description
Setup Reference
A reference to configuration options available .env.
Setting up Email Learn how to setup and customize emails in Respond.
Translating Respond A reference on translating the app using simple JSON files.
Setting up Friendly URLs Learn how to enable friendly URLs.
White Label Respond Adjust the logo and colors of Respond to make it your own.
Enabling Google Maps Learn how to enable Google maps in Respond.
Enabling Facebook Open Graph Learn how to enable Facebook Open Graph in Respond.
reCAPTCHA on Site Creation Learn how to enable reCAPTCHA on site creation.
reCAPTCHA on Forms Learn how to enable reCAPTCHA on forms within your site.
Creating a Site Administrator Learn how to create a site administrator in Respond.

Customizing Themes, Plugins and Settings

Tutorial Description
Creating Themes
A reference for creating Themes with Respond.
Creating Plugins A reference for creating Plugins with Respond.
Theme Settings A reference for creating settings with Respond.

Installing and Updating Respond

Tutorial Description
Learn how to install Respond on your own server from the ZIP download
(recommended for production)
CPANEL Installation
Learn how to install Respond on a server powered by CPANEL.
Local Installation on your Mac or PC
Learn how to install Respond on your own local machine on your Mac or PC using Vagrant and VirtualBox
Digital Ocean Installation
Step-by-Step instructions to install Respond on Digital Ocean.
Development Installation Learn how to install Respond on your own server using Git.
(recommended for development)
Wildcard Subdomain Installation
Learn how to setup wildcard subdomains to host multiple sites on Respond.
Server Requirements Learn more about the server requirements for Respond 4.
Updating Respond Learn how to update Respond when a new version is released.
Setting up Amazon S3 Sync
Learn how to sync your site with Amazon S3.


Tutorial Description
Developer Tools Learn about the developer tools available for sites created in Respond
Learn about the repositories that house the Respond codebase.
Build Options
Learn about build options available to Respond developers.
Gulp Recipes
Learn about we use Gulp to package our themes and sites for deployment.


Tutorial Description
Solutions to Common Problems
This guide walks you through solutions to common problems encountered when setting up Respond.