Updating Respond

Updating Respond is easy. For ZIP installations, you simply replace the contents of your app directory. For Github installations, you need to pull the latest version and run gulp.

Updating your ZIP installation

To update your ZIP installation, you simply upload the contents of your zip file and replace the duplicates in your app/. directory. You can do this from and sFTP client or use the command line as follows. Note that the code below assumes you followed the tutorial and are in the respond/ directory.

// navigate to your install directory
cd /path/to/respond/

// get the zip file
wget --content-disposition https://github.com/madoublet/respond/blob/master/dist/release.zip?raw=true

// unzip it into the app directory (choose to rewrite all)
unzip release.zip -d app

Updating your Github installation

To update your Github installation, you need to pull and run gulp.

// navigate to your install directory
cd /path/to/respond/app

// pull the latest version
git pull

// update the latest npm
npm update

// run gulp to build the app