Respond supports multiple languages.  The locales are stored in the respond-ui repository on Github.

Translating the Respond Application

Translating Respond into your preferred language is really easy. The basic process is duplicating a the existing English translation (stored in JSON format) and updating the name-value pairs with your language.  

1. Create a new file in /SRC/ASSETS/i18n/your-language-code.json

Create a new file in /src/assets/i18n/ using the ISO639-1 code. For example, English would be /src/assets/i18n/en.json.

2. Copy the English translations

Copy the translations from /src/assets/i18n/en.json

3. Update the Name-Value pairs

Update the name value pairs with the translation in your language. See the example below.

  "Account": "Cuenta",
  "account_created_click_login": "Cuenta creada! Para empezar haz click en el enlace de acceso.",

4. Add your language to /src/assets/i18n/your-language.json

Submitting a language to the open source project is a great way to contribute. The easiest way to add your language is to submit a pull request with your updates. If you are not familiar with GIT, then simply send your JSON file via email.