Solutions to Common Problems

This page contains a list of solutions to problems that come up when installing or using Respond. We will update this page based on community feedback.

Connection to API Fails

This is a common problem that occurs when setting up a new Respond instance.  The installation tests ( will indicate that the connection to the API has failed.  This error typically results from 1 of 2 problems.  The first problem is that Respond requires your app to be installed at the root of your domain (e.g.  You cannot have it in a sub-folder (e.g.  This is an Angular 2+ requirement.

If you do have Respond installed at the root of your domain, then the problem is most likely related to mod_rewrite.  Lumen (and Laravel) require the mod_rewrite extension to be installed and properly configured in order to direct API routes.  See the Laravel configuration documents or the Digital Ocean document on enabling mod_rewrite for more details.