Setup Respond

This documentation covers the setup options available for you to configure the Respond application. Configurations are specified in the /.env file of the application

Basic Settings

Variable Description
APP_ENV The environment mode (development or production) that the app is running in.
APP_KEY The unique key for the app.
APP_URL The url to access the app. By default this is set to autodetect.
FRIENDLY_URLS Set to true or false. Specifies whether the system should use friendly URLs (urls without .html). This requires an .htaccess or similar mechanism set on the site to enable friendly URLs.
DEFAULT_LANGUAGE The default language for the app.
DEFAULT_DIRECTION The default direction for the app.

White Label Settings

Variable Description
LOGO_URL The absolute URL to your logo in the Respond path
PRIMARY_COLOR A hex value for the primary color of your app.
PRIMARY_DARK_COLOR A hex value for the primary dark of your app.

Email Settings

Variable Description
EMAILS_FROM The from email address for emails sent by the app.
EMAILS_FROM_NAME The from name for emails sent by the app.
IS_SMTP Specifies whether the email is sent via SMTP.
SMTP_HOST The SMTP Host for the server sending the emails
SMTP_AUTH The SMTP Auth flag.
SMTP_USERNAME The username to access the SMTP server.
SMTP_PASSWORD The password to access the SMTP server.
SMTP_SECURE The type of security used by the server.
SMTPENC_KEY The penc key used by the server.

You can find more details on setting up email in the Setting up Email reference.

App Settings

Variable Description
JWT_KEY The JavaScript Web Token key used to obfuscate tokens in Respond.
PASSCODE The passcode used to create sites in the app.
ALLOWED_FILETYPES Allowed filetypes that can be uploaded to your sites in Respond.
THUMB_MAX_WIDTH The max width of thumbs created in Respond.
THUMB_MAX_HEIGHT The max height of thumbs created in Respond.

White Label Settings

Coming in RC1
Variable Description
LOGO_URL The logo to display on the login, reset password, and forgot password screens.
PRIMARY_COLOR The hex color to use as the primary color for the application. This shows up in the side menu as well as in the editor.
PRIMARY_DARK_COLOR The darker color that complements the primary color. This color is used in the context menu in the editor.