Theme settings enable you to allow global configurations across your site. They work great when you want to provide easy access for your users to change global design elements, such as logos, icons, or tile colors. A user can edit settings in the Settings UI of the Respond application.

Creating a Setting

Settings are stored on the theme under resources/theme-name/.private/settings.json. They are copied to the site under resources/sites/site-name/settings.json. Settings are stored in JSON in the following format.

  "id": "theme-logo",
  "label": "Logo",
  "description": "Primary logo of the site",
  "type": "image",
  "value": "files\/sample-logo.png",
  "sets": "attribute",
  "attribute": "src"
Setting Description
id The unique identifier for the setting.
label The label shown in the settings UI.
description The description shown in the settings UI.
type The type of input shown in the settings UI (text or image are supported).
value The default value of the setting.
sets What is set by the setting (e.g. attribute)
attribute The attribute that is set by the setting.

Reference Settings in Code

You reference a setting using the id of the setting as an attribute for the element.

<img theme-logo src="files/persistence.png">