Setting up Amazon S3 Sync

Connect your site to Amazon S3 to improve site scale and performance

Respond makes it easy to connect your site to an Amazon S3 bucket.  This allows you to sync your entire site to Amazon S3 or simply store your files on Amazon to save storage space on your server.

Amazon S3 Sync Settings

You can find the Amazon Sync settings in Settings > Amazon Sync Settings tab. These settings are all that is needed to connect your site to Amazon S3. An explanation for each setting is given below.

Setting Description
S3 Access Key The S3 access key obtained from Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM).
S3 Secret Key The S3 access key obtained from Amazon IAM.
S3 Bucket The name of your bucket.
S3 Region The region code where your bucket is located. See Amazon Bucket Region codes.
Upload files directly to S3 If set to true, files will NOT be stored on your server. Rather, they will be directly uploaded to S3.
S3 Url The base URL of the bucket. This URL will be used in the app and your website to reference the files and images uploaded directly to S3.

Sync Site to Amazon S3

Once settings are updated, you can sync your site with Amazon S3 by going to Advanced > Sync Site and select Execute.

Hosting your static respond site using amazon cloudfront, route 53, and s3

Once you can sync your site to S3 in Respond, you can host your entire site with SSL using the Amazon cloud.  You can find a great walkthrough by Will Morgan on Medium here: