Setting up a Stripe Subscription

Learn how to setup a Stripe subscription using products in Respond.

This documentation walks you through creating a subscription plan in Stripe and tying that plan to a product in Respond.

1. Create a product and plan in Stripe

Start by creating a product in Stripe.  Navigate to Billing > Products.  Products are used to manage Stripe subscriptions. Important: Products and Plans are unique to the environment (test or production) in Stripe.  So, you must create a product/plan in both environments.

Next, create a plan.  The Stripe UI should automatically switch to adding a plan after creating a product.  Note the Plan ID.  You will use this later in Respond.

2. Get the API Keys for Stripe

Navigate to Developers > API Keys.  Copy both the Publishable key and Secret key.

3. Setup the cart in respond

In Respond, the cart is the center of e-commerce activity.  Navigate to Settings > Shopping Cart.

Set the Publishable key and Secret key in Respond.  Click Save.  Quick note: Respond encrypts the secret key so it will display as ***** after you hit save.

4. Create a product

Navigate to Products and select "Add Product".  Choose a name and description.  You can also to automatically generate a page for the product.  This is a good practice to do while you are learning to use products.

Choose yes from the "Is the product a subscription?" menu and add the Stripe Plan ID from the previous step.

5. Add the plan to a page

If you generated a page in the previous step, your work here is done.  You can see a sample generated page below.  For plans, only the "Buy Now Button" widget works, because plans cannot be added to a cart.  If you want to enable subscribing to a plan from another page simply add a "Buy Now Button" and select the product you created in the previous step from the contextual menu.