Respond features a one-of-a-kind editor that supports multi-column layouts, contextual semantic HTML elements, and drag-and-drop reordering of elements. We think it is the best CMS editor on the planet. Let us show you why.

Multi-Column Layouts

Respond allows you to create multi-column layouts within the editor.  Create one, two, three, and four column layouts with ease using Bootstrap's (or similar framework) responsive grid.

Contextual Menus

Respond features powerful contextual menus that enable you to updated core properties of the widget. This makes it easier than ever to quickly adjust your content on the fly.

And, much more...

Respond's editor features many more features that you have come to expect in a great CMS:

  • 25+ semantic elements and rich widgets
  • Drag-and-Drop support
  • Bold, italicize, strike, underline, link and modify your text with ease
  • Full control of IDs and CSS classes
  • Embed Google maps
  • Pre-formatted (or code) text support
  • Create lists of content, embed complete pages into your content, and even embed menus