Respond 6 Beta

The Respond 6 beta features a modern toolkit powered by Lumen PHP and Angular 2.0. The UI has been updated to improve overall usability and features a brand new editor that has been developed to edit content as it appears on the page. Finally, we have made it even easier to create themes and plugins for Respond. Learn more about the Beta release

Respond 5 is still available at and

Powered by a Modern Technology Stack

Lumen PHP

Lumen is an elegant, well-documented, and easy-to-use backend framework that enables you to quickly extend Respond 6 to meet the needs of your application.

Angular 2

Angular 2 is the new fast, component-based framework built by Google that enables you to quickly add new experiences to your Respond-powered application.

Static HTML

By deploying your content to a static site, Respond makes backups easy and allows you to save money by enabling deployment to static hosting services.

Easy-to-Use Visual Editor

Respond 6 features a beautiful, easy-to-use visual editor that allows you to edit content right on the page.

Built for Developers

Simple Plugins

With Respond 6, Respond plugins are as simple as writing a small line of HTML to specify what is output to the screen. More advanced plugins can easily be made using a bit of JavaScript.

Sites as Themes

Tired of learning a new framework just to create a theme? With Respond 6, your site is your theme. Just add a few attributes and a configuration file and you are ready to go.

Flat File

Our flat-file approach makes it easy to move, backup and restore sites. And, not having a database makes it easier then ever before to setup and secure Respond.

Beautiful Themes

Respond 6 comes with 3 starter themes that give you a great starting point for your Bootstrap, Foundation, or MDL project. Ready-to-go themes are available for just $20 each.