Responsive Design Simplified

Respond is an open source, responsive content management system that you can use to build responsive sites.

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Introducing Respond 5.2

No need to learn another complex, proprietary plugin system.  Respond 5 features a simple plugin system powered by JavaScript and standards-based web components.  With the power of web components and the speed of Respond's Angular-based app, you will be building beautiful, responsive sites faster than ever before.


Respond is built on Bootstrap 3. This means the sites you create using Respond are built on a proven, powerful framework that is easy to extend and adapt.


No need to learn another proprietary plugin system. Respond's plugins are powered by web components built on the amazing Polymer framework from Google.


The Respond application is powered by AngularJS.  Angular allows Respond to run impossibly fast.

Beautiful, Dynamic Themes

Respond features a diverse selection of beautiful, dynamic themes that you can use to create your site.  Each theme features a unique take on the Respond experience.  Many use the latest in CSS3 animations to create a dynamic experience for your site.  And, all of them are responsive so that they work just as well on your phone as they do on your desktop.  View Themes

The Latest Technology

By combining Google's Polymer platform with Bootstrap based themes, Respond provides you with a cutting edge website that provides users with a dynamic experience without compromising performance.  Learn more

A Beautiful User Experience

Respond features a beautiful, consistent, and easy-to-use user interface that does not get in the way of creating your site.  It uses a familiar, mobile inspired design that works well on any size screen.  And, the UI grows with your site.  Images are bubbled up into lists so that the whole UI is a reflection of your site.  Try it out yourself in our demo. Try it now

A Powerful Way to Create Content

Respond features a one-of-kind editor that balances content creation with developer needs.  Our editor makes it easy to drag-and-drop pieces of your site into place.  And, it is consistent across themes, so there is no guessing on how to get something to work.  Just drag your content onto the page and let the themes work for you.   Take our tour

  From our Blog:  Respond 5 now runs on Angular 1.4 and Polymer 1.0

Respond 5 continues to move the platform forward by upgrading the CMS to the latest versions of Angular and Polymer.  Not only does this release demonstrate our commitment to bringing the latest technology to Respond.  But, it also marks the completion of a goal set out in Respond 4.5 to move from a proprietary to plugin system to one based on open standards.  Learn more about Respond 5

100% Open Source, always.

Respond is available to developers free with an unencumbered open source license.  At Respond, we believe that more eyes and more experience make better products.  So, we make all of our source code available to be used and extended. Visit our github repo for more information.